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Who we are and how the company originated ?

Our company is one of the oldest companies in Syria, a long-standing experience that we pass on to you from the original past with the latest designs from the last century

What does the company seek?

Because it always strives to design the latest designs and produce modern and ready-made clothes, it has an echo and reputation in the market

When was the company founded?

Our company was established in 2008 in Syria and we have always worked to attract all ages and satisfy all tastes.
Through the quality of our product and the appropriate price that we offer to our customers and by their desire, an integrated laboratory has been established for us in Turkey that includes all stages of manufacturing with the latest technologies and expertise Eligible in Jeans Wear

What is the company's long-term goal?
  • Attracting all ages and satisfying all tastes.
  • Designing the latest designs and producing modern and ready-made clothes.

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